Rainbow Camp (RC)

Rainbow Camp Foundation Philippines, Inc.


  The Rainbow Camp holds diabetes camps for the ISDFI. It aims to provide educational experiences for diabetic children, adults, and their loved ones in a recreational way, with the hope of empowering and enabling them to cope with the challenges of their day-to-day living.


Enable people with diabetes to live life to its fullest


The leader in diabetes camp education in the Philippines


We value L.I.F.E : Love for Service, Integrity, Family and Excellence

General Objective:

To provide a sense of awareness, appreciation and responsibility for diabetics to enjoy life to its fullest within the limitation of diabetes.

Specific Objectives:

  1. To provide an enjoyable, educational and recreational camping experience for clients with diabetes and their loved ones.
  2. To teach clients with diabetes self-management towards independence.
  3. To provide skills development and stress management through arts and crafts.
  4. To enhance interpersonal relationship
  5. To give a break to parents from the daily worries of dealing with diabetes and a vacation for their children away from them.

Rainbow Camp Foundation Philippines, Inc.
President Francis I. Pasaporte, MD, MS
Vice-President Elizabeth Ann F. Catindig, MD, MS
Secretary Josefina E. Florendo, EdD, RN
Treasurer Leyden V. Florido, MAN, RN

RainbowMembers of the Board:
Ma. Rosario Regina Z. Javier
Nerissa C. Llanza, RN
Edelina N. Clemente, RND