Philippine Association of Diabetes Educators (PADE)

Philippine Association of Diabetes Educators

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  The PADE is composed of doctors, nurses, nutritionist-dietician, and other paramedical groups involved in the care of diabetic patients. The group holds annual conventions to update its members; celebrates World Diabetes Day, and Diabetes Awareness Week; conducts workshops on setting up diabetes clinics; and initiates programs in schools—all aimed at the prevention and control of diabetes.

Education towards excellent diabetes care

An empowered nation against diabetes


We work as one to conquer diabetes through education. In an atmosphere of openness, together we learn, educate and enjoy camaraderie in serving a good cause. We regard patients and their loved ones, who are our work’s meaning, as family.

Best health-care service is our irreducible minimum. We explore and share new knowledge that may enable diabetics, high-risk individuals, and the general public to lead healthier lives. We serve unconditionally, unmindful of the odds and the time, and without expectations of any personal gain.

We are trustworthy educators who disseminate only truthful and relevant information diabetes. Probity, sincerity and fairness mark the way we pursue our goals. Living the Golden Rule, we conduct ourselves as educators in accordance with the highest standards of ethics.

We give our best at our best. As new learning is key to the conquest of diabetes, we try hard to search for, acquire, and share the best knowledge on diabetes care. We continuously sharpen our teaching skills and improve our technologies and processes of impart ng knowledge

Empowering people against diabetes is our reason for being. Thus, we devote time and sincere effort to our cause. Determined, we work hard to get more and more people enlightened on total diabetes care. We shall persist until we realize our vision of a Philippines fully empowered against diabetes.

Board of Trustees and Officers
President Leyden V. Florido, MAN, RN
Vice-President Raymund M. Laiz, MD
Secretary Diana Lyn A. Ignacio, RND
Treasurer Josefina E. Florendo, EdD, RN
Auditor Nolasco C. Aviles Jr., RND
PRO Melanie B. Duran, MD, FPAMS
Members of the Board
Immediate Past President Myrissa Melinda L. Alip, MD, MHA
Ma. Mercedes R. Dela Rosa, MD
Ana Leah D. Esguerra, MAN, RN
Franz Josephine I. Ferrer, RND